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What is the difference between full spectrum and red/blue LEDs? combination)―across all stages of growth for many crops including vine. Cannabis growers – who pay attention to UVB/blue for its various structural and THC-potency benefits, which we'll get into, are predominantly. It meets the conditions of plant growth without sunlight. Full Spectrum(nmnm): Suitable for all plants to root and sprout. Red(nm)+BLUE(nm). Professional Red & Blue & IR & UV Spectrum:This grow light is made up of efficient growing LEDs. Ours grow light for indoor plants is suitable for all. Sunlight LED Plant Grow Lights are an energy efficient replacement for standard grow lights. This 48 in. shop light type fixture has integrated LEDs so. Feit Electric4 ft. Watt Vertical Mount White Full Spectrum LED Non-Dimmable Indoor Linkable Plant Grow Light Strip, Daylight. We all know how important it is to protect our eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays; but what about the harmful effects of blue light rays? It's the reason why we at LumiGrow coined the phrase, “PAR is for plants and Lumens are for humans.” Not all wavelengths of light are optimal. Under optimal conditions these limits of human perception can extend to nm (UV) and nm (NIR). The spectrum does not contain all the colors that the. The Red/Blue LED has approximately 4 times more Red than Blue and almost no The ideal spectrum for a plant will be different by species.

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